Partior FX
Global FX Settlement

Reduce FX settlement risk, improve intraday liquidity

Partior’s decentralised FX PvP solution eliminates settlement risk, optimises liquidity, and reduces pre-funding costs while ensuring settlement finality across advanced economy (AE) and emerging market and developing economy (EMDE) currencies.

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Why Partior

Live Network

Partior’s network has achieved General Availability

24/7 Always-On

Transcend borders and banking hours with 24x7 payment and settlement capabilities

Eliminate Settlement Risk

Atomic state updates enable Payment vs Payment (PvP) and ensure real-time settlement finality, including those of EMDE currencies and same day trades.

Instant Availability of Funds

Enjoy instant and 24x7 settlement of currencies without the need for maintaining settlement margins on FX settlement of non-PvP currencies.

Increased Efficiency

Receive complete transparency throughout the transaction lifecycle

Unlock New FX Instruments

Programmability and time-based settlement enables new financial instruments in the global market, such as Intraday FX Swaps, which allows banks to access intraday liquidity for hours or even minutes