Our Story

Transforming Financial Market Infrastructure

The global cross-border payments market is growing rapidly and moving increasing amounts of money across multiple currencies is both complex and costly. Financial institutions and their end customers also face operational inefficiencies stemming from legacy market infrastructure, such as settlement risk at each transaction phase, and uncertainties related to settlement confirmation and liquidity accessibility.

Partior’s unified ledger revolutionises wholesale settlement by offering atomic settlement across a diverse range of tokenised instruments. Whether it is commercial bank deposits or various tokenised assets, our platform streamlines the settlement process, eliminating disunified messaging, intermediaries and the need for extensive reconciliation procedures that often lead to market inconsistencies.

Partior’s network, which has achieved General Availability, addresses critical design challenges in establishing a Unified Ledger and streamlines the digital currency journey for regulated financial institutions.

Unlocking New Capabilities and Products Through a Unified Ledger

Partior’s solution addresses liquidity fragmentation by establishing a unified ledger that serves as the single source of truth across various market participants and infrastructure. This will enable instantaneous liquidity through atomic settlement between assets, thereby reducing counterparty risks. Our decentralised and programmable platform allows for the composability of transactions involving global commercial deposits and securities which unlocks wholesale settlement innovation, such as a 24x7 global liquidity marketplace, intraday FX swaps and intraday cross currency repo. The platform is also purpose-built to support commercial deposit issuance and wholesale settlement processing and designed to interoperate with next-generation central bank liquidity and traditional transactions processing platforms.

Cross-border payments
  • 24x7 atomic clearing & settlement with finality
  • Pre-validation and pre-screening
  • Connectivity to RTP
  • Decentralised PvP (Payment vs Payment) solution
  • New FX instruments such as time-based and intraday swaps
  • Decentralised DvP (Delivery vs Payment) solution
  • Intraday liquidity instruments such as intraday repo
Liquidity optimisation
  • Automated lending and borrowing of on-chain liquidity between branches and/or other banks
  • Just-in-time funding
  • Use of FX swaps, DvP and other liquidity instruments
Enterprise solutions
  • Corporate Collections
  • Intra and multi bank liquidity management
  • Automated payment execution (e.g., event-triggered payments to suppliers)
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Our Journey


Project Ubin develops a prototype that validates CBDC cross-border payments are cheaper and faster


Partior is incorporated with Temasek, DBS and J.P. Morgan as founding shareholders

  • Partior sets up Development Center in India
  • Partior wins G20 TechSprint 2022 -   ‘Enabling Connectivity & interoperability for mCBDC’ category
  • Standard Chartered makes strategic investment into Partior
  • Commercial flows are initiated on the Partior network
  • Partior is awarded the SOC 2 Type 1 certification
The Partior Way

Guided by our values, defined by our purpose

The Partior logo is comprised of three distinctive waves symbolising the core values of intelligence, innovation and integrity. Together they illustrate the interconnected nature of these values in shaping our organisational identity. The waves signify our commitment to embracing ongoing waves of change and reflect our adaptability and responsiveness to the evolving nature of our industry.


From our people to our solutions, we bring the thinking, experience and acumen required to transform Financial Market Infrastructure and deliver value for Financial Institutions and their end customers.


We push the boundaries of possibility without losing sight of what’s needed. Our solutions make cross-border transactions faster, more reliable, and secure for our customers while unlocking new capabilities and products through our unified ledger.


We operate with care, honesty, and humanity in our business and through our solutions. Our clients are also our partners and our people are our greatest asset.