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At Partior, we are reshaping the way  money moves globally by optimising how liquidity is accessed and enabling the development of new capabilities and products through our unified ledger. Our decentralised, programmable, and 24x7 always-on platform is making the global movement of liquidity more seamless, secure, and scalable.

By building on the inherent features of its global unified ledger and atomic settlement capabilities, Partior is not only addressing the operating inefficiencies experienced by industry players - including settlement delays, limited transaction transparency and high operating costs - we are facilitating the movement of liquidity for financial institutions and their customers.

Our network interoperates with both digital and non-digital asset and currency networks to provide a comprehensive suite of real-time, cross-border multi-currency payments, Payments versus Payments (PvP), Delivery versus Payments (DvP) settlements and trade finance functions.

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Partior facilitates clearing and settlement over a unified ledger that eliminates the need for manual reconciliation, while ensuring full value transfer and real-time visibility of transaction status. Our 24x7 availability and atomic settlement features ensue real-time processing and settlement with no cut-off times, while our just-in-time and programmable features remove the need for the pre-funding of nostro accounts, which unlocks capital for financial institutions.

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By harnessing the benefits of blockchain and smart contracts technology, Partior addresses current points of friction. The open platform enables banks around the world to provide real-time cross-border multi-currency payments, trade finance, foreign exchange and DVP securities settlements on a world-class platform, with programmability, immutability, traceability built into its suite of services.

Piyush Gupta

Chief Executive Officer, DBS Bank
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We believe a shared ledger infrastructure such as the Partior platform will change the way payments are cleared and settled, through this first-of-its-kind, wholesale payments rail based on digitised commercial bank money.

Takis Georgakopoulos

Global Head of Wholesale Payments, J.P. Morgan
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Technology and collaboration across the industry are crucial to our collective success and we are pleased to partner with Partior to leverage the power of blockchain and deliver a more interoperable, secure, and seamless financial ecosystem.

Michael Spiegel

Global Head, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank
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We are pleased to work alongside DBS and J.P. Morgan to create a global platform that will have a tangible impact on global payments. Partnerships such as this are important in galvanizing fundamental changes. Finding the right approach to payments transformation using new technologies should be a priority as we take our existing infrastructure into the next stage of digitalization and connectivity.

Chia Song Hwee

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Temasek International
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We have also been quite successful in anchoring high quality strategic players at the forefront of digital asset innovation. JP Morgan has partnered DBS Bank and Temasek to establish Partior, which is a multi-currency, cross-border settlement platform, leveraging blockchain technology.

Ravi Menon

Managing Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore
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